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At Robota we love (creating) Games

Robota Games at workWe have a lot in commun with the iPhone and iPad users who are installing our apps: we like learning, training and playing on a fun device!

We play
at Robota Games we love playing games, of course. In 2007 we developed our first game for the iPhone. It was a chess game using the famous GNU chess engine.

We learn
Educational apps are very challenging to make: kids can learn so fast! You really have to come with something new and fun to play with if you make an educational iPhone app. Kids from 2 to 8 years old are growing up with an iPhone in their hands!

We build
We like designing, programming, testing, releasing...and every time thinking "that's the best app we made!".

One of our projects in development is a very spacy game with robots and ufo's. We are currently working on the game play, having interesting choices to make, like "how will the robot dog get into the ufo?". Well, the game is very promissing... as you can see on our blackboard!

We also create for you
Robota also creates and develops applications for other companies. You have a game concept and you are looking for a company who can make it happen? We can help you with:

  • defining the game play / the adaptation of your book as app
  • the graphics/animations
  • the development
  • testing and submitting to Apple
  • Contact us if you want us to make an offer for your project. First we will give you an idea of the scope of your project before we go onto details.


    We thank the coloring website Andere Kleurplaten for their illustrations.
    We used wordle.net to make our the banner on this page. Thanks for the tags cloud generator.
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