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About at Robota Games we develop fun and educational games and books. On this website you can discover all the great iPhone and iPad applications we have created or we are currently busy making.

From time to time, we are also covering different types of educational toys which can help develop our community. We call these mechanical objects robots.

Update: 5 new levels for 123 Mouse

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Many players of 123 Mouse asked us to add levels to the game. Here you go! You will get 5 free new levels of 123 Mouse with the last update.

123 Mouse is a great application to exercise counting and to train the brain with quick mental calculation.
Update or download from the App Store and please let us know what you think of it!

We are a small company with the focus on technology and user interface. The software we create is functional and scalable. We like technological challenging jobs. Where possible we incorporate open source software as we don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Robota was founded in 1990 and has been developing software ever since. Thanks to years of experience we can offer fixed price product development.