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Robota Games creates and develops applications for the iPhone, the iPad and Android telephones and tablets.
We recently developed many educational applications dedicated to toddlers and older children, as well as scientific apps for professionals.

Live the exciting life of a pirate with 123 Pirates

available in appstore

Pirates app Survive, fight and find your way to the treasure
Are you a kid who dreams of pirates adventures, stormy seas, secret maps with buried treasures? Now it's time to test your pirate skills with 123 Pirates!
Are you ready to fight with other ships, get coconuts and fish to survive, get all the tools you need to finally get to the treasure? Download it as soon as possible, we offer it one month for free.
Kids of all ages will love it.

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French Quiz, test and improve your French

French Quiz app Parlez-vous Français?
Test your French in the levels easy, medium and hard, with questions about grammar, vocabulary, French culture, food etc...

available in appstore
available in Google play

Crosswords, play thousands of free crossword puzzles

available in appstore

Crosswords app Train your brain with Crosswords
Create your own puzzle library by adding crossword puzzles from our sample list or download them from the suggested websites. Train your brain and have fun, it's all free!
After downloading you don't need an internet connection to play.

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123mouse, a math app to learn ... and to win medails!!

available in appstore

123mouse Practice mental calculation
123mouse is a counting and calculating game for children from 3 to 8 years old (but it's also very good for the parents and the grand parents to practice mental calculation!). 123mouse has been updated and offers 10 levels of mental calculation. Ready?

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ColorKids, fun coloring on the iPad

available in appstore

ColorKids app Color beautiful drawings on the iPad.
Thanks to a very friendly interface and an intelligent coloring paint bucket, children will choose one of the black and white drawings from the library, and have fun coloring it. The result is always a beautiful coloring with a personal choice of colors, which will be easily saved in the iPad photo library. With ColorKids, your child becomes an artist and makes the best colorings!

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Fun Numbers, play with numbers

available in appstore

123mouse Toddlers learn to identify numbers
Fun Numbers is dedicated to toddlers and young children who are learning numbers. With this funny application children learn to associate sounds with a number on the screen and tap it away.

The goal of the game is to get all the numbers out of the screen and reveal the image of the cute cat Minou which was hidden behind.

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Miku Cards (free app)

available in appstore

miku memory Nice flip card game for children
Children always like to play memory! And it's good for them to train their visual memory.
Download Miku Cards, a simple memory game with exclusive colorful illustrations. It's free!

> Miku Cards in iTunes

Crazy Canary, free game for the very best

available in appstore

Crazy Canary app Fight gravity to feed the crazy canary
The goal of the game is to bring the Crazy Canary to the food. Use gravity to move Crazy Canary around in the maze. But be aware, this is not an easy game! Gravity can be disturbed and objects rubber banded!
Reaching all 16 levels require a high level of concentration and a steady hand.

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"Whose turn is it?" check it with MyTurn (free app)

available in appstore

123mouse Are you lucky?
"Am I lucky?" "Who's turn is it?" "Who will eat the last cookie?" or "Who will jump first into the cold water?" Use MyTurn to help chance decide! You can download your own picture to show as a bonus for the winner. Have fun!

> MyTurn in iTunes

Robota Games also developed digital books for iPhone and iPad, and scientific applications for the iPad.