Lego’s ‘Equity League’ sets may affirm a major character uncover

Equity League Spoilers may very well hide inside these Lego size delineations of the following DC film.


“Equity League” is still months from shaping on film screens. However while we hold up, Lego appears its motion picture tie-in sets that feature the new group in real life.

Furthermore, indeed, these sets unquestionably could pack a potential character uncover for the film. So consider this your SPOILER WARNING in case you’re worried about observing something too early.

Still here? If these Lego sets which the company revealed Thursday, are to be trusted. It would appear that Superman (Henry Cavill) is by one means or another returning to life. Following his demise toward the finish of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

To be reasonable, Cavill has been prodding online networking with photographs of the Superman suit. And DC funnies legend is brimming with saints. Then, biting the dust and after that coming back to life. People accounts him for as being on the “Equity League” set a year ago. So maybe observing him in Lego shape now isn’t too shocking.

LEGO Unleashes Equity League Set




The Man of Steel will be one of the mini figures in the Flying Fox Batmobile Airlift Attack set. Additionally incorporates Cyborg, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Two Parademons and a major figure of the lowlife Steppenwolf. The set comprises of 955 pieces, costs $130 in the US (generally changing over to £100 and AU$170) and will be accessible on Aug. 1.

Two other “Equity League” has theme sets are likewise going ahead August 1. The Battle of Atlantis set concentrates in on Aquaman (Jason Momoa). It comprises of a submerging Atlantis scene made up of 197 pieces for $20 (generally £15 and AU$25).

What’s more, the Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack set stars Batman Ben Affleck and The Flash Ezra Miller as they fight two Parademons to recover a thing they call the Motherbox.

The Knightcrawler vehicle highlights four posable appendages, double 6-stud fast shooters and an opening cockpit for Batman. This set is comprised of 622 pieces and will cost $50 (generally £40 and AU$65).